Raya Yarbrough – On the Rocks (Official Music Video)

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

The Shadow Hours
A Sci-Fi Short Film by Kyle Higgins

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope 2 & 3

A short film shot as a proof of concept for a feature.

Mission of Peace, Documentary

Brave Fest
Musical and Vine concerts produced by Intricate Enterprise.

Sons of the Devil
Pilot for digital series.

Zowie Gear
Zowie Gear releases ZA series

Ten Ren Tea Time
Commercial to Ten Ren tea time’s location in Walnut, CA.

On the Edge
Music video for the group Mozaik.

Eat Cake Cafe
Located in Rowland Heights, CA.

Draft Picks Commercial
Located in La Mirada, CA.

Wedding Engagement

Ediza’s Price Drop Strategy.

Circle Of Change 2014
Highlight reel of Circle of Change Leadership Conference

Dark Knight Trailer Parody
The Comedy Shaq Network.

Scott and Katelyn’s Wedding
Highlight reel